I-GRIND grinds straw, hay, beets, potatoes, corn, grain, deep litter, and virtually all other forms of biomass using a robust hammer mill, significantly increasing the utility value of each component.

Simple, robust, and
incredibly productive

I-GRIND is a simple but incredibly effective machine for shredding, beating, and hammering most forms of biomass down in size while simultaneously opening their fibers

In principle, it consists of a chassis, drive, hammer mill, screens, rotating chamber, discharge conveyor, and control – all made of robust materials and designed for heavy-duty work

Many possible applications

Production of straw bedding yesterday, refining feed materials today, crushing beets for ensiling with corn tomorrow, and manufacturing homogeneous semi-finished products for biogas the day after...

I-GRIND has incredibly many applications, thus achieving a high number of operating hours throughout the year. 

This results in a very reasonable hourly rate for customers and excellent profit opportunities for machinery service providers and contractors.  


I-GRIND can break down most green products into biomass of the desired component size – quickly, energy-efficiently, and reliably. 

Special emphasis is placed on breaking down straw for use in biogas production, as numerous studies show that the gasification value of straw significantly increases with crushing. The biological processes are simply enhanced because the hammer mill has 'opened up' the straw on all surfaces. At the same time, the raw material becomes pumpable because there are no long straws after processing, and finally, the process is incredibly energy-efficient.


I-GRIND is designed to maximize the conversion of the driving tractor's energy for operating the machine. All drives are, figuratively speaking, positioned in a straight line from the tractor's PTO shaft to the discharge conveyor's hydraulic motor, minimizing power loss.

The entire setup ensures an optimal energy/output ratio, which in many cases will result in a halving of the energy consumption for producing crushed straw, for example, for biogas, compared to stationary systems powered by electric motors.

I-GRIND is an environmentally friendly machine for producing raw materials for environmentally friendly energy production.

I-GRIND HD - next generation

I-GRIND HD is even more powerful, faster, and more user-friendly than the original model, which has proven its concept's effectiveness and high productivity throughout Denmark. The new model, I-GRIND HD, has been reinforced at selected points, the control system has been upgraded, and we have focused on optimizing energy efficiency even further. 

Where the original I-GRIND was manufactured in the USA, we have now moved the production to Denmark and adjusted the specifications to European standards. The choice of subcontractors for hydraulic equipment, controls, etc., is also European, so no matter where you operate, there is easy access to wear and spare parts.


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