I-GRIND is designed to grind and refine biomass. It can be used to convert straw into an optimized raw material for biogas production, turn straw into efficient bedding, crush feed materials to increase their nutritional value, and more. 

The possibilities are many, but what they all have in common is that I-GRIND performs a consistent breakdown of materials to the desired size – quickly, energy-efficiently, and reliably.


The physical properties for mechanical handling are improved by breaking down biomass, whether it's straw, bedding material, corn, beets, green mass, or other materials. At the same time, the value of several materials in gasification is enhanced through the crushing process. I-GRIND has already proven that it can quickly transform wet and unusable big bales into valuable biomass

The gasification value of straw is significantly increased through crushing, as the biological processes are enhanced because the hammer mill 'opens up' the straw on all surfaces. 


Straw is quickly crushed into quality bedding with optimal properties for subsequent manure handling. I-GRIND's working principle, where individual straws are not only cut lengthwise but also subjected to powerful impacts on the sides in the hammer mill, ensures maximum absorbency of the bedding and minimizes straw consumption 

Straw feed

Crushed straw/hay cannot be sorted out by the animals and, therefore, is included in a uniform quantity in all feed rations. Once I-GRIND has prepared the straw feed, it is quick to mix compact feed in the total mixed ration, regardless of the mixing type and brand. 

Crushing of feed materials

Grains/corn/peas/horse beans/rape seed pellets/rapeseed cakes, etc., can be quickly crushed into a uniform mass. By crushing the feed materials, the animals' ability to sort in mixed feed is minimized, and the intake/digestion of individual feed components is enhanced.